Dealing with Headaches

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There are few things I detest as much as headaches and it seems that I get them every few weeks when I am at work. I have had such a struggle with them lately that I have begun asking for advice on how to cope with them and I am lucky that others have been so kind as to give me their suggestions on ways that I can alleviate them.

Making changes to my diet is something that I am considering, but I know that it could be a host of things when it comes to my headaches and migraines. For those that are suffering from migraines, you know that there is no rhyme or reason for when or where they come on. While mine mainly occur at work, they can be anywhere and they can really cause problems with those you work with as well as loved ones. So what are the best ways to reduce these problems? Here are some ways to identify and treat headaches.

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It helps substantially if you are able to discern what triggers your headaches since that is a great start to pinpointing the problem. For those of you that may not be sure, try to work on ways that can help you locate them as this is critical information in alleviating symptoms down the road. There is no reason why a busy work schedule should keep you from skipping meals either. This is one way in which people have their migraines triggered. I know that there are some people that get triggered by certain foods and should, therefore, learn to avoid these beverages and foods that can ignite a headache.


Some of these food and drink triggers include foods that are processed, cheese that is aged, cured meats, chocolate, nuts, baked goods that have yeast in them, beer, wine, and foods that contain MSG. For some people that may mean cutting Asian restaurants from their lives or giving up dairy. Each one of us is different and have to streamline according to what our bodies are telling us. The important thing to do is stay hydrated, no matter what you eat. I like to always have a bottle of water on the ready, and take sips throughout the day so that I am never thirsty.

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Caffeine is another drink that can trigger many people, and if you are included, you will have to find another source if you feel that you need a jolt in the morning. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep during the night so you won’t have to rely on caffeine in the mornings to wake you up.

Stress is a natural occurrence and we all have it, but there are definitely ways to minimize it and I think that if you have stress at work or at home, you should confront it head-on so that it does not linger and cause you additional stress. There are some people that have eyes that are sensitive to certain lights and that may involve you investing in lamps that don’t come with fluorescent bulbs or bulbs that offer soft lighting. Many people have to adjust the lights on their smartphones as this has been a cause of headaches for many people these days in this technological age we live in.